November 12th, 2010

pacrim mako conversation

An Almost Trekless Post

1. YES! LJ LURVES ME!!! I change my default icon and the new shiny falling meteors from SPACE accompany it! TREK TREK TREK TREK TREK!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! ...IDEK why that makes me happy... maybe the universe decided to take pity on me for once. How grateful I am. [/sarcasm]

This vid is gross but so is the song yet Feist > Kevin Drew in the vocal department, not that I don't love KD:

2. Private Practice. Holy... KaDee Strickland was always my fave on this show but, damn this woman... *has no words*

3. My kitty is missing. I don't know where she (we finally found out what gender this thing is) went. We thought we heard her crying yesterday afternoon like she got stuck somewhere, again. She's a little handicapped in the Being A Cat department on account of being an abandoned kitty. She hasn't shown up since and it's already mid-morning, waaaay late for a feeding time. *is worried*