October 27th, 2010

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30 Day Ship Meme

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Day 24 - A crazy love triangle/quadrilateral that worked out badly?

Juliet MUTHAFRAKKIN Burke/Jack Shepard/Kate Austin/James 'Sawyer' Ford - Lost
NONE of this worked out the way I wanted it to. Kate started off as a cool cat but then quickly became this whiny indecisive brat. Ugh. WHY would anyone want to be with that?!? WHY?!?!?! I can see Sawyer being attracted to that because hey, crazy convict chick is right up his alley and they could do some damage. Bonnie and Clyde, baby. And yes, Jack was in his 'must fix everything broken' phase so I can see why he'd be attracted to that. But then the most AWESOMEST BADASS FREAKING EPICLY EPIC GENIUS HBIC to ever grace this show was introduced to Jack and thereby, us. Holy hell who is this mysterious hottie with shady intentions but wondrously good guy actions? SHE IS INTRIGUING AND I WANT TO KNOW MORE. And so did Jack. And it was AWESOME. SO AWESOME and brilliant and a meeting of minds and a flirty teasing and hotness. Of course, Kate/Sawyer was hotness too and I'm fine with that. They kind of deserve each other. I am most happy for them to be together in their bear cages whilst Jack and Juliet get their crazy awesome chemistry on. Juliet was the only one who called Jack on his shit and I LOVED THAT. There was a balance and omg the possibility, with which we were teased mercilessly in season 6. Oh! They could be great together. *sigh* But yeah, it didn't go that way. I am sorely disappointed and heartbroken. I shall forever live upon the beautiful shores of the Nile in the land of Fanon.

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