October 26th, 2010

WW Allison *gasp*

30 Day Ship Meme

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Day 23 - A crazy love triangle/quadrilateral that worked out great?

Luka Kovac/Abigail Lockhart/John Carter - ER
OMG! I LOVE LUKA/ABBY. All the haters to the left. He was all war tiems-PTSD and she was all domestic war tiems-PTSD and somehow it all fit in that broken way. And then John Carter was there and I was all 'I HATE THIS' and 'why does poor little rich boy always have to be whiny and needy and WARREN WORTHINGTON III UGH!'. But then it all worked out in Africa and Abby loved Luka, which she probably always did but was too PTSD'd to admit it cos Carter was safe or whatever. Then there was the 'holy shit I'm preggers' thing *FLAIL* 'what're we gonna do?' 'I WILL BE A HORRIBLE MOTHER OMG!' and Luka was all 'You are the most amazing woman I know!' And it all worked out in the end. They moved off into the sunset and awwwwwww... LOVE! I was just so happy that one of my ships ACTUALLY WORKED OUT! OMG!WHUT? *SHOCK AND AWE* That NEVER happens. My record is like 5 - 4,805,198,264,380,176,548. I'm serious. Thus endeth my shoddy explanation full of holes for this ship.

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