October 23rd, 2010

Leverage Sophie Eliot Yay!

30 Day Ship Meme

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Day 20 - The ‘can’t stand the sexual tension anymore’ pairing?

'Sophie Devereaux'/Eliot Spencer - Leverage
The history of this starts in Season 1. The Snow Job. In this scene:

When Nate is being a douche and changes the con on them with really really big repercussions that could possibly blow up in their faces and get them all caught. NOT the way to look out for your team man. Eliot knows this:

Sophie knows this:

Eliot gets mad and starts to go for Nate and Sophie just kind of steps into his space and it stops him. He's still seething mad and this whole scene is NOT about them, but in that moment I saw heat because he's aware enough that she's in his strike zone and is not his target so he reigns it in. And I guess that moment is all about team dynamics but I choose to see it differently because, HOTNESS! Then there was the betrayal in the end of the first season and how he was all mad that she apologised to everybody but him and there's something to be said that she saved him for last because she probably knew betrayal strikes close to the bone for him and she was scared of his rejection or acceptance because she's so used to flying solo that there's this fortress around whoever/whatever she is and is totally handicapped in that area kinda like how he's handicapped in similar but different areas. There have been a few moments, most notably The Tap-Out Job, when Sophie gets a better understanding of Eliot's psyche and his perspective on his role in the team. That theme of control comes into play again and it's only exposed to her. There's also a moment in the s2 finale where Eliot & Hardison run into Sophie and the look of recognition he has when he realises it's her makes me think they did it sometime between The First David Job and The Second David Job. The fic for them, what little there is out there, is extremely based/intertwined with their individual and collective relationships with Nate, respectively. Hence the OMG!HOT!PEOPLE!SHOULD!GET!IT!ON! cos it's too messy and complicated for me to take seriously for a light fluffy show like Leverage. I think I found one where it was very angsty and sexy and hot. They have very few and far between interactions where it's just them because this show is dead set on a Nate/Sophie end game, obviously, but in a show where I have one PTB supported ship I can afford a OMG!THEY'RE!HOT!AND!MUST!DO!IT ship. It wasn't really played up until this little gem, (Yes, I'm posting it again):

And then they have funny stuff too:

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