October 4th, 2010

CM JJ/Hotch

30 Day Ship Meme

Day 01 - What's your current favorite ship?

JJ/Hotch - Criminal Minds
Oh, you know what? I can't do them justice. Words. Escape. Me. They just need to be together, okay? I can't ever find words to describe them, so if this turns into random babbling with exclamation points you know why. That being said, I will try my best to not sound like an idiot. Partner!ship is one of my biggest kinks and while they may not be 'partners' per se they do have an unspoken communication/rhythm when it comes to coordinating things for a case and why wouldn't that translate into other aspects of life, like when to pick up the kids from the sitter, did you pay the paperboy this week? ...that kind of stuff. And yes, an argument could be made that they have issues with being crappy parents because of their job, but their foundation could also be much more . They understand the why behind their choice, the what keeping them motivated to continue to do what they do and they understand that all without really having to explain it to each other. Haley certainly never understood it and I'm pretty sure Will doesn't either. Furthermore, Hotch only really smiles when JJ has some kind of involvement with it. Hotch also only really shows any kind of hurt/anyotheremotion around JJ (minus that one time in 100) and vice versa. She never lets anybody else see her cry or have a moment of weakness because she's The Face of the BAU, except when she's with HOTCH. He gets it. And she knows that he gets it. It's like they break up the little black rain clouds in each other. There's also a push/pull dynamic between them that's very subtle yet kind of defines their whole themness. He doesn't ask her to do anything he knows she's not capable of and she doesn't push him to places he's not ready to go yet. Knowing that about each other and keeping that knowledge carefully guarded speaks volumes. Volumes. Also, if you look at their respective offices they are the on the complete opposite ends of the spectrum. JJ's office is chaotic and full of stuff and crazy but she presents herself very well put together. Hotch's office is orderly and proper and everything is in it's right place but inside he's full of conflict and restlessness and chaos. They are the perfect compliment to the other. To me, that means there's enough differences between them that it would still be interesting to see them interact on a personal level while trying to balance everything else. And isn't that the point of what relationships are? And if you still need more convincing READ THIS while you listen to this:

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