April 18th, 2010

SGA Sparky adoration

Sparky For All

So. The Bro and I went to go see How To Train Your Dragon, IN 3D, after work on Friday night. While we were waiting I decided to show off Penny 2.0 to him and I tell him to pick a vid to watch. He picks one of the fan made SGA ones he's not seen. It gets to the part where stuff from The Storm/Eye is featured prominently and out of the blue he goes: 'That was an awesome episode and THAT, *points to screen*, right there, is when John realises he more than likes Elizabeth.'


Him: 'Wha?'

Me: 'It just amazes me that YOU, Mister 'EW SHIP', notices Sparky. Brilliant.'

Him: 'Well, it was kinda awesome.'
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