May 22nd, 2009

ST The Saucer

*iz peeved*

M'kay people, not EVERY ship has to have a mashup name. It's ridiculous and makes PTBs take fandom even less serious than they should. Suhura? Seriously? Characters remain separate entities to and of themselves whether or not they're involved with another being. I LOATHE it when ships get christened with smushed up redonkulous craptastic names. Grrr. So THANK YOU Sparky pantheon. What a wondrous creation.
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Holy Crapticles Guys!

READ THIS LIFE FIC! IT IS AMAZING AND WONDERFUL AND SUBTLE AND OMFG!GIVE!LIFE!A!THIRD!SEASON! It's a WIP and I NEVAR read WIPs whilst in the 'progress' part cos I am impatient but this. THIS. O.M.G.GUYS! It's told forward from the end of s2 and counted BACKWARDS to ONE. ONE! DUDES! Holy crap, it makes me ship Crews/Reese like that instead of like this: Crews,Reese. There is a gigantornormous difference between the "/" & the "," between names and dudes, it has converted me to the former 10986890025342times. That is a feat in and of itself. OMG! READ EEEEEEEET!!! And then curse NBC for LIFE.

Seven Veils by comice @ anjoufic

And as a wonderful companion piece: Sway ~ The Annuals

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