August 13th, 2008

pacrim mako conversation


Varnish old wooden crates for LP and other various media storage purposes: Check.
Put away comics in an orderly manner: Check.
Feed the Tegan & Sara monster with Tegan & Sara music & DVDs: Check.
Feed the sick mother: Check.
Eat real food: Check.
Reread Breaking Dawn Fail and not feel so pissed: Check.
Reread the MADE OF AWESOME Runaways to brain bleach the BDF away: Check.

Not so done:
Convert the sick mother over to BSG fandom: In progress.
Loads of laundry: In progress.

To be done:
Return fail!boat containers meant to contain comics.
Pick up new comics.
Watch Birds of Prey. ZOMG!Paralyzed!Bat!GIRL!ORACLE!!!
Pick up stuff at the post office.
Pick up the bro after his magical day in EVIL!WORK!PLACE! Fairieland.
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pacrim mako conversation


Dudes, I got cock blocked by LJ! Did you know you can only have 150 interest? I have WAY more than a hundred fifty interest. LOL!
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