April 14th, 2008

pacrim mako conversation

Cute and unexected...

A cat just adopted our home. She/He/It? Let's go with 'she' came by the back of the house while I was on here and started complaining thru the screen door. Which is weird cos we always get strays but they never really commune. I have however been leaving out the water from the tuna cans so the kitties have a little treat. So that might be a contributing factor. Anyway, she, well, we think it's a she cos she was hanging out for quite a while in our back yard lounging in the sun and chasing rats. Then she disappears.

Later in the day my old man goes out into the yard to poke around a bit, water, etc and she comes up to him. With the whole weaving in between legs and making with the scent markings. So obviously a cat familiar with humans. My bro was out in the yard to and the cat lets him pet her. So he asks the old man if he wants to name her. He named her 'Ele'ele, which, for those of you not in familiar with the linguidy means 'black' (I wanted to name her CJ). So I go outside to see what's going on and she comes straight up to me at the door and immediately goes with the whole 'marking MY territory' again. A couple of minutes later my old man goes to the front of the yard to greet my mum coming home from work and the lil kitty follows. It was so cute.

Aw, we gots a kitty! I can haz catnip now plz?
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