February 20th, 2008

pacrim mako conversation

Hey, guys...

...how do you make wallpapers in PS7? I iz confooz'd.

SCC's last ep? Kinda rocked but kinda messed up the time line. Again. Reese was sent back from 2029, yet according to this ep he was sent back in 2027. Dilemma much? Where's the continuity people?!?!? And also, Jonathan Jackson as Kyle? Erm, no. But did you SEE the smile on Sarah's face when she talked about him?!?!? Did yoU!?!?!? YOu did, didn't you? You KNOW you did. And it was only noticeable cos she doesn't smile in the show except in a sardonic or sarcastic way, so that was nice to see. ^_^
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