May 15th, 2006

SGA Sparky adoration

Fic: Proof

Title: Proof
Rating: PG, I stake my dead cat’s life on it.
Summary: Lizzie OFF WORLD! It’s Sparky I promise and there’s a little bit of Spanky too cos Pebbles and BammBamm are just to hot to ignore.
Disclaimer: Just because I’m employed now doesn’t mean that I can afford to ever own these people. I’m saving up to buy a better car cos mine is crap with the steering going and rust consummation and the entities that own these folk prolly all drive Mercedes and Bentley’s so there’s really no need to take legal action. Please don’t sue me. Sincerely yours, a silly fangirl. =D
A/N: Thanks to buggy_542 for the beta. Some spoilers for Conversion.

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pacrim mako conversation


Seriously, don't be an ass when you're on vacation. And don't be an ass and write a book that endangers the natural habitat just cos you wanna see something beautiful. Remove head from sphinxter then live.

It's called RESPECT.

There are so many other ways to enjoy the natural beauty of the islands without trampling on private property and desecrating ancient sacred sites. It's like if a stranger were to come into your home make a beeline straight to your bedroom to use your toilet, not flush it and then make themselves a sammich on the way out. Not. Cool.
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