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I <3 the Internets!!!

Need to fold a comic box? I did. I found THIS!!!! So handy.

Oh, and this:

Holy frak I wanna see this movie!!! THIS. EXACT. MOVIE. Dude. Best. Fanvid. EVAR. Makes me wanna read the book again... sorta. ...and then the bro, who btw only knows about the books thru osmosis from hanging around when laregan & are a-fangirlin' cos as far as he knows it's just a book about a teenybopper girl and her boyfriend, wanted to know what I was watching ...and went: o_0 They made the second movie already?

Me: Uhm, no.

Him: So what are you watching?

Me: It's a fanvid.

Him: You mean that wasn't the trailer for the second movie?

Me: Er, no.

Him: Holy shit, I was thinking that they made the movies like LOTR, all at once. Where the hell did that person get all that shit?

Me: From various movies. Doesn't it make you wanna watch that movie?

Him: That New Moon thing? Yeah dude, it's vamps and lycans, who wouldn't wanna see that?

Me: *pets*

The End
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