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Oh, sibling...

I'm in the kitchen trying to NOT get soapy water all over the tomato my old man has so conveniently left on a chopping board gracing the sink. So what's the most logical thing to do? Move it. Right! But of course, cos it's ME water splooshes all over the floor onto my bros feet.

Him: WTF?!

Me: o_< Uh, oops?

Him: It's a frakking TOMATO! What'd you expect?

Me: Erm, sorry?

Him: *mumble grumbles something about tomato/water ratio as he cleans it up*

Me: LOL!

Him: :-/

Me: Sorry, I'm just a failboat lately. Plus, dingos ate my baby.

Him: Not funny.

Me: Well you made me watch El Laberinto del Fauno! Not. Funny.

Him: If you were paying attention to the beginning it wouldn't have been so SAD!


The End
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