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Breaking Dawn

By page 50 Bella is officially a Cullen. Take that whatever way you will. Personally? This is only the second time in fandom have I ever wanted or condoned having an affair.

I got my copy at precisely 3:14pm Pacific Time. How much do I LOVE my store *sigh*

M'kay, now in a few hours I'll be picking up laregan & her sister so we can frolic amongst the gawking teenage crowd. *holds on to hat*

Oh, on Tuesday I went to see Vampire Weekend. Even if playing their ENTIRE album, stuff from their EP, a Neil Diamond cover and some new stuff they barely made a set, it was awesome. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be for an all ages show at Pipe. So, there's that.

The Saturday previously I met up with ankareeda. Dudes, LJ meets are the stuff of greatness. I was so frakking nervous. The stupid questions of "what if she doesn't LIKE ME!??!?!??!?!? AAAAAHHHHH!!!!" *freak out* But it was most cool. I would've liked to spend more time but alas, my schedule sucketh very mucheth. Stoopid schedule. But anyway... HI ANDY!!!! *tackleglomp*

Watch Dexter. It's fabulous. Read the books too. They're even MORE fabulous. When's season 2 out on DVD? And I think I have a little girl crush on Deb. *meep* Muy fantastico. I love her and her dirty mouth. *lick* Yeah, I'd say that's a whole lot more than a little crush.

So anyway, I'm gonna go see what else I can do to get in trouble... laters.
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