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28 July 2008 @ 04:04 pm
Just came back from watching XF2!!!!!  

First and foremost OMGHOWMUCHDOILOVEMYOTP?!?!???

All the domesticity and homeyness. *SIGH* *sing* GIGANTIC! GIGANTIC! GIGANTIC! MY BIG BIG LOVE!!! And the call back to him being SO utterly bored that she knew he was throwing pencils into the ceiling. WIN! Sunflower seeds! WIN! And Scully's the bringin' home the bacon?!?! WIN!!! And the three names on Mulder's cell? And the fact that the feed place was called NUTTER'S!!! SO MUCH LOVE!!! *FANGIRL SQUEE*

Second. XF2. It's what BSG actors do on hiatus. ELOSHA! Being a bitch. AND CKR!!! *FLAILY FLAIL MCFLAILERSON!!!* When is this man NOT going to play the psychotic in love? ...or has love made him psychotic??? Huh? Hmmm, ponder that I will. SHUT UP YODA!!! I know he's good at it, but I highly suspect he was a shoe in for the role when they read under his Special Talents on his casting sheet "VOO DOO". LOL! Oh, how I heart thee Callum. *sigh*


Third. Didn't Father Joe look like Langley with white hair?

*sniff* I was missin' the Lone Gunmen somethin' fierce.

Four. Skinner as Scully's chauffeur! And so much manlove b/w him & Mulder in their ONE SCENE! LOL! ROFLMAO when he stuck all those doctors and nurses in the wooden crate.



And dude, the wave at the camera!!!! MY BIG BIG LOVE!!! Holy hell Gillian is smokin' sexy!! *salutes*

Six. Here's the nitpicky stuff. Wouldn't it have been more realistic if it was Skinner that asked them to get involved once again?? ....aaaaaand speaking of other cast members, WHERE THE HELL WAS DOGGETT & REYES?!?!?!??!?! Dude, a little cameo, drop by the basement scene wouldn'tve killed you CC would it?!?!??! In fact I demand a rewrite that Xzibit & Amanda Peet's characters were actually Doggett & Reyes... you know without the part where Holly Go-Lightly got impaled with iron cos Reyes would NEVER allow a suspect to get the drop on her that badly.

In conclusion: Yes yes big plot holes and total nonsense which I'm totally fine with because honestly this movie was NOT about an X-File at all. It was all about the MSR lurve. ....and snow. This is going to be a recurring theme for the movies, ain't it?

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Mel: Mulder & Scully - At Lastmissalee on July 29th, 2008 04:55 am (UTC)
Ditto :)

Something else funny? I've been watching old X Files episodes, swimming in nostalgia and I watched "Lazarus" last night and who was in it? Very short and shot dead in the head, but - Callum! I guess he got around when the show shot in Vancouver.
Sunny: BSG Leoben smilesunny_serenity on August 4th, 2008 07:07 am (UTC)
LOL! Yeah, I remember that. Oh Callum. He gets around. This time he put on the Russian accent tho.