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Lookit mah new icon!!!

So, of course, cos I've been watching Young Americans ILOVEJAKE!!! and Life, my Kate love is compounded cos Shahi was Carmen on L Word and Kate as we all know and love is Shane! Mwah! Kate is Tilda junior. Androgyny is sexy. Y/Y?

Dudes, I bought my Serenity & BSG Propaganda posters, Runaways Dead End Kids Hardcover GEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTT!!!!!!! Well, the ghost of Gert. *sniff* and the Serenity RPG book... Yes Amory, I will no longer need to borrow your copy. ^_^

Also, it's frakking HOT here. For the last six days or so we've broken heat records. yay us! [/sarcasm] I iz suffering. Blech.

so... um... yeah.
Tags: boring life stuff, comics: runaways, teevee: firefly, teevee: life, teevee: sytycd, television ate my brains, women who rock
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