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I can't stop watching Children of Dune. I've seen it a millionquadzillion times and yet, every fortnight I find myself popping it in the player and watching it from beginning to end. Why? Why? Oh my darling McAvoy, tell me why.

Yael Naim. A little bit of Tori. A little bit of Regina. A little bit of Norah. And she totally covers Britney Spears with panache.


Far Far:


Buy her album.

Battlestar Galactica, when will you return? *iz lonely*

Mixing soundtracks with similar elements makes my old man crazy.

Him: What are you listening to?

Me: Music.

Him: Yeah, but is it soundtrack stuff?

Me: Yeah.



Him: Is that BSG?

Me: No, Children of Dune.

Next song.

Him: So that's Children of Dune too?

Me: Nope, it's Gladiator.

Him: Oh.

New song.

Him: Lemme guess, Children of Dune?

Me: No, 300.

Him (very frustrated): So what exactly ARE you listening too?

Me: BSG, Children of Dune, Gladiator and 300.

Him: All at the same time?!?!?!?

Me: Yeah, don't they sound alike?

Him: *mumbles incoherently* It's confusing. Do you have Last of the Mohicans in there? Can you play that instead? Cos at least I know what that sounds like.

Me: M'kay...

Did everyone go see Hancock yet? I don't know why it got panned by the critics. And if you think it's off-kilter that's because it's supposed to be!!! I. LOVED. It. For the first time I didn't see Will Smith being Will Smith being *insert character name here*. And CHARLIZE!!!! Dude, I forgot how much I really do love her. *sigh* Yes, it could have been executed smoother and I feel short changed cos the conclusion was rushed. HELLOOOOOOO MPAA!!! Craptastic censoring blows. For reals. It does. For hours after watching it the first time laregan and I mulled over the possible mythology we missed out on cos of the frakking censor. *grumbles* But that's beside the point. I haven't been this excited over a summer popcorn flick since... ... I can't even remember. I wanna see Pete Berg's version. Mister Grey Area, how do I heart thee? Oh let me count the ways. You make tv shows about football not about football. You make potential hot topic political movies into police procedurals. You make a buddy movie about a broken father/son relationship. You've been announced as the new director for a second shot at Dune on the big screen. Oh, Pete. You make me wanna write fic. *sniff*

Speaking of fic... rec me some mindless stuff, from any fandom.

"Why exactly would the universe make fun of us all?"

"Maybe it's insecure."

When is Life coming out on DVD? I know Series 2 starts Oct 9. HEE!
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