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'Splainy plz. I iz confoozed.

I don't understand the wank online. I mean, seriously?

How does a clip of an actor promoting their movie end up turning into a religious, political or moral (and I loathe to call it this cos in reality what occurs is the farthest thing from it) "debate" in the comments? WTF?!?!?

Obviously there is a breed of person that exists in this world that has nothing better to do than stir the cosmos with feelings of disgruntled unrest and gross dissatisfaction who then decides to project that unto others. I understand sharing your opinion on a subject but it is altogether a different matter when one randomly blurts out ignorant epithets into a public forum with no goal or purpose in mind other than to insult and inflict hurt. Seriously? Those people need to remove head from sphincter, then speak.
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