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Madam President and Admiral President

Had a revelation of my own over the past fifteen minutes or so. I LOVE Adama/Roslin as much as the next fangirl when it comes down to it, in fact so much so that they've replaced the All-Time OTP of MSR in my books. It's all there for me. The intellect. The friendship. The mutual adoration of WHO the person is not what they are as is dictated by titles or positions of importance. There are moments of honesty, majority of it stemming from the brutal yet caring kind. Advice is sought. Fights are had. Tensions are flared. Clarity found. And serenity captured for a few moments in an otherwise tumultuous world. They carry the weight and when it gets too heavy they are afforded the opportunity to roll it upon the others shoulders to define, in the truest sense of the word, partnership. Depth, height, breadth and growth can be seen. And all of this founded in tenuous origins. It's just absolutely brilliant. They're very attractive people to boot. Have you SEEN Eddie in American Me?!?!?! *diez* Add to that STANDS WITH A FIST!!! OMG! *FLAILY* but alas, I just don't see them as sexual beings.

I noticeably shudder whenever I see fics tagged with a MA, R or NC17 rating. I get grossed out and all icky. The reasoning behind that prolly has something to do with the fact that we call them


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