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Dream: Serenity. Mal. Zoe. Lil Boy?!?!?! Now, I've never read any FF/Serenity fic that has to deal with teh offspring but I know that it exists. (OMG!WASH!JR!) So this is prolly a culmination of browncoatkait's X-Men RP, my Serenity RP and me making the plans for our con tickets...

The little boy, 'bout seven/eight years old is runnin' 'round Mal's bunk sayin' stuff like: "Can we Pa?" To which Mal responds: "Well, hold on there now. Suspect your Ma might want 'a take spell at this query." To which Junior sighs. *sigh* I can tell he belongs to Wash cos he has the same blonde tresses but it's long like Mal's. He's got the same glint of mischievousness in his blue-green eyes like Wash yet he has Zoe's caramel skin. Then the top of Mal's bunk opens and Zoe pops down. The kid gets real animated about whatever it is that he's previously asked Mal and she says: "You can. After you've eaten." Then in Chinese: "Go get cleaned up. You smell like a dung beetle's breakfast." Apparently, I speak Chinese. The kid excitedly climbs up outta the bunk. As he leaves Zoe sighs really sadly as she takes off her gun belt and lays it down on the bed next to Mal. He says: "Just like his Daddy. Not a lick of fear behind the wheel." Zoe smiles fondly yet still retaining the sadness of her sigh. It looks as though she may start to cry when Mal reaches for her hand and makes her stand in front of him. Slowly she raises her eyes to meet his and when she does he speaks. "We'll tell him. One day, when the time is right, Chinese: we'll tell him." Zoe, shoulders weighted with the world, nods in affirmation. Mal stands from the bed allowing a space between them as if to offer comfort without forcing it upon her. She acquiesces to the gesture and folds into him. In a broken whisper she utters the words: "'Sides Wash, you're the best father he could have." Those words tickle Mal a bit so he half laughs, half sighs. "No," he says regretfully. Chinese: "I'm the lucky one." She pulls back from him a bit to look him in the eye. "You're a good man Malcolm Reynolds." ...and then I think she kisses him cos then I woke up. So this was my face this morning as I rolled out of bed cos one of my eyes was full of schmutz:


Dancey seeky dance: A breaker and a contemporary dancer doing the French-Canadian/American Viennese Waltz. Best one of the night. For. Serious.

Personal note: Ever deal with an adult that has the emotional maturity of a two year old? *sighs* It's EXHAUSTING!
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