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"Happy is he who reads aloud and those who hear the words of this prophecy..."



Preface: The music of this ep? OMG! LOVE! THE CHOIR!!! THE WORDS!!!

Aw, see Kara DOES pay attention to what Leoben sais.

Roslin & Adama. So. Married.


Galactica is TOTALLY a Pirate!SHIP! One-Eyed Tigh & Peg Leg Gaeta!!! ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!

Oh wait, so what the hell is Dee's rank now? Last time I checked she was Lieutenant? They pulled a 'Helo as XO' maneuver.

Daw, lookit. I luff the Papa/Son moments.

HELLS NO YOU AIN'T GETTIN' MY CYLONS!!! *XENA WAR CRY* But OF COURSE Tory would go with them. She's like the frakking bestest Cylon EVAR... well, maybe more of the BITCHIEST Cylon EVARZ!

Leoben + Black Sweater = GUH. *diez* *points incorporeally* Lookit. I died and went to Cylon heaven.

You know, the whole Gaius/Laura thing is SO creepy and SO intriguing and SO weird and SO infused with this odd sexual tension because let's face it who WOULDN'T want to get with the Prez but HOLY CRAP STOP TOUCHING EACH OTHER YOU'RE FREAKING ME OUT!!! SHE BELONGS TO BILL!

You know the whole coming out to Roslin is not really that big of a thing for me.... It's kinda 'meh'... I mean yeah Laura TOTALLY bitched her out cos she called her the 'Head Nymph' of Baltar's harem but yeah... I was more excited to see Six acknowledge Laura's question.

HEY! NO STEALING ROSLIN'S EXECUTION METHOD!!! LOOOOOOOOSER! You have to think of a COOLER way to execute the humans XENA D'ANNA! Nice viz-fx tho guys *two thumbs up*

DUDE! LAIRD! From the Peggy is still alive!!! Awwww... He's such a military guy now. And he's CHIEF!!

It's nice to see the consistency of Tyrol's demotion. Like SERIOUS demotion.

Athena fought hard and damn good to get where she's at. From defacto Cylon to Guinea Pig Experiment to Legit Colonial Pilot she rocked it all. And until my uber-marathon did I realise HOW different and nuanced every copy of every model is. It's the little things you never really catch the first and sometimes even til the third viewing of an ep... Props to Grace & Trish for having to pull that off for YEARS! Goooooooo Cylons! \0/

Bob Dylan to the Final Four. Pass the word to the Final Four. Your presence is needed in the Secluded Area of the Hanger Bay.

Anders! SO PUSSY WHUPPED! *dopey Anders voice* Kara can help.

MOMENT OF TRUTH! TIGH!!! *glomp* Salty Dog Tigh!! Frak me. I mean regardless of what you think of the guy as a person and/or officer he is a frakking loyal friend to the end. He came clean and KNEW how it was supposed to play out, manned up and took it. Love. Him.

Funniest line that wasn't meant to be funny: 'When I met you, you had hair.' ROFLMAO! 'I never heard of a Cylon aging.'

Excellent counterpoint: 'Doesn't mean they don't.'

Here comes Adama's denial... rage... betrayal! BOOM! How can you NOT love Eddie? I totally cried. Serious, balling my frakking eyes out cried. His heart is SO broken. ...and I don't know about you but I TOTALLY cry when my daddy cries cos he NEVAR cries. So yeah, I cried.

LEE! YES! Long time coming that sock to the jaw. And Tigh takes it like. a. man. YEA!BOI!!!

Hey, what the hell is with Kara nowadays? She's all like sane and zen and back to her old self... um... yeah. How come we didn't get the memo for this transition? Me wants DELETED SCENES!!! *demands*

Oh hey look it's the marine that didn't shoot Roslin when she was breaking outta the brig in the second season. CONSISTENCY!!! YES! I LOVE. THIS. SHOW.

Anders reveal... erm, yeah m'kay whatever... He just does not thrill me at all. *sigh* Poor Anders. *pets*

Oh, GUH! Again! *drool* LEOBEN! BLACK SWEATER!!! *THUD*

For some reason Tory & 8 & D'ANNA all standin' around the goopy thing the Cylons put their hands in makes me wanna sing: We are family! I got all my sisters with me... *boogies*


Hey, Adama is an Adama as Adama is Adama alright Cylon bitchez! So keep that in mind you and your I am she as she is me as we are one frakky brainz m'kay? So say we all. YAY!GAIUS I actually LIKE you now.

Once again, teh music! I wanna go watch 300... ou, or LOTR again. Bear, have you been taking tips from Misters Shore & Bates?

RUUUUUUUUUUUUUN KARA RUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!! So I guess all that running around Galactica TOTALLY paid off, eh?

TIGH! Like. A. Man.

...and now I have commercials??? Really? Why come? Anyway... Intel processors are apparently friends with other Intel processors and M. Night Shamaylan (how the frak do you spell this guys name anyway?) made an R rated film! *Stewie Griffin voice* Ouuuu, call Guinness!

KARA BELIEVES! She dun payed good attention in Hybrid class. WITH being the operative word. WITH the Cylons. Cos really *sing* Why can't we be friends why can't we be friends why can't we be friends...

Okay, honestly? This resolve is a little too quick. Why would XeD'ANNA agree so quickly? And since when is Lee all huggy feely with the making friends of the Cylons? Just cos Kara said so? Really? Cos Lee, the REAL Lee would've totally frakking hemmed and hawed and debated the WE CAN'T TRUST THEM COS THEY'RE CYLONS argument. I'm sorry but he laid down too quickly for that one. And yes, I know that TPTBs are forcing really, two seasons into one here but gimme a BREAK we're smarter than that. That's why we LOVE this show cos you didn't dumb it down and hit the majick reset button that *cough*Stargate*cough* a great many shows are fond of. C'MON! I want the unedited un-networked-over version of this episode. *curses Skiffy*

Amnesty. Yeah.

'So the question is: Where do we go from here?'


*sing* Where do we go from here
Where do we go from here

The battle's done and we kind of won
So we sound our victory cheer
Where do we go from here

Why is the path unclear
When we know home is near

Understand we'll go hand in hand
But we'll walk alone in fear
Tell me
Where do we go from here

When does The End appear
When do the trumpets cheer

The curtains close on a kiss God knows
We can tell the end is near

Where do we go from here
Where do we go from here????

*ahem* I'm sorry that was just inevitable. I ALWAYS break out into song when that phrase rears its head.

Back to Galactica...

Not!Leemo: 'Shake on it?' XeD'ANNA: 'Sure.' I kinda wish they spit in their hands before they shook. You know, make it SOOPER legit.

Aw, lookit the Family Adama sitting around the table for discussion. OU! I spy with my little eye the Admiral & Prez pic that Laura shot in the first ep.

LOL! Cute Mommy!Son! scene.

There's something about when Mom & Pops swear on this show. I absolutely love it.

Musical cue of awesome. Mister McCreary is taking full advantage of this complete orchestra he's got now, eh?

Aw, Mama's all teary and touched. Her day has come!

NEAT! For once a fleet of spaceships out in orbit NOT trying to attack Earth. The shot however does suspiciously look like Serenity & her Renegade Reaver Crew Alliance Attack.

Papadama can you read me a bedtime story? Don't you LOVE Eddie's voice... Dude, I'm serious. I think I love this dude more than MY old man.

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! The Victory Hug! It's almost sweeter than the Reunion Hug! EVERYBODY CELEBRATE NOW!!!! *sing* Celebrate good times c'mon... *ahem* Bzhuh? Lee pulls a Tom Cruise?!?!??!? CIC JUMPER! CIC JUMPER! Aw lookit! Even Figurski gets a kiss.

Um, is it just me or does Hera kinda give you the creeps now?

And holy crap this music makes me want to watch The Abyss...

*tear* Kara goes to see Kat!!!! 'We made it kid.' ... *sniff*




Great. Moment. Frak! I wish Kat was still on the show!!!

*points* That? That right there was my reaction when Kat died.

We did it, we did it, we did it, yeah! Why no, I do NOT watch Dora the Explorer...

Ou pretty ship shots.


Radiation readings... Hey, isn't his hand gonna get all infected from picking up crap while it's got an open wound?

'Earth.' The final frontier...

This Oner feels like an Annie Leibovitz Vanity Fair pullout cover... Pretty... Must... Analyse...


And now that I'm over the pretty here's what they were thinking:

Bill: 'Yep. It's real alright.' Doesn't he look like a trucker?

Laura: 'Yay?'

D'ANNA: 'WTF?!?! Are you serious? We came all that way for this?' Kinda like Timon: "We're gonna fight your uncle for this? Talk about yer fixer upper."

Helo: '...and I can put a tool shack over there...'

Athena: 'Must. Walk.' You know for someone excruciatingly concerned about her child all the time she's NEVER with her. Bad mommy.

Anders: 'I'm alive? HOLY FRAK! I'm alive. But I'm still a Cylon.'

Tory: 'Oh, baby...' *wants to comfort*

Anders: 'Not yet. Must. Process.'

Okay, I'm gonna pause here to say: I don't like Anders and I barely like Tory but I DO like Anders/Tory. It's prolly cos I like Cylon!Tory!, right? *ahem* Anyway, back to...

Lee: 'This is my Chris Martin impersonation.'

Baltar: 'This is MY Chris Martin impersonation.'

Tyrol: 'Man, they better not ask me to rebuild this frakking thing. I mean I know I built a bird from scratch but really...'

Dee: 'I am the final Cylon. Frak it's cold down here. Must stand next to pillar.'

Six: 'God loves Man AND Cylon. We are learning from this. *sing* Come together, right now... over me.' BTW, which Six is this anyway? It's not Caprica Six is it?

Tigh: 'I am a Man.'

Lee: 'See, my Chris Martin impersonation is better. It's Old!Skool!Coldplay! Suck it Baltar!'

Leoben: 'The vision of stream and consciousness is one. The river is an ocean as the land is ground... I wonder if Kara loves me...'

Kara: 'Bullshit. Frakking bullshit!'

Landscape: 'Atlantis?' *shrug*

"...and who observe the things written in it; for the appointed time is near."

Okay, that took a lot outta me. Must. Lie. Down.
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