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First and foremost. I. Love. Jane. Espenson. She's written some of the MOST best Buffy & Firefly eps and some great BSG eps too. I. Love. Jane. Like, SO MUCH!

If Mary could always do the 'Previously on Battlestar Galactica' all the time, that'd be GREAT Ron.

Dawwww, 'Because I can't live without her.' *DIEZ* Okay, nuff squee over the previously...

Baltar: Let God's will be done.
Laura: Shut up.
Me: LOL!

GHOST OF CHRISTMAS FUTURE!!!! ELOSHA!!!! Geez, I miss her...

Damn I wanna know what all the Hybrid is SAYING! *strains to hear*

CREDIT ROLL!!! So um, what language is this anyway? Cos I know we've gotten some Senegalese and a whole shitake mushroom load of Arabian dialects and such, I wanna know what this is...

Flashy flash! HOLY SHIT! Good ep.

*sigh* Baltar and his ego... "I think... I think it even likes me." ...and then he tries to justify his knowing-ness to the marines... LOL! Oh Gaius, you make me laugh.

Stream ocean stream... yeah. *puts that in To Analyse Bucket*

Yes Gaius, because patronising an intellectual being with baby talk is SO effective. ROFL. ...omg!MORE looky me I'm spiritual Gaius. ROFLMAO!

DUDES! The Adama family at Mama's bedside! SCORE! Lookit teh woobie Kara... *sniff* I don't know why the notion of them as a family tickles me so. Oh yeah, could it be cos they're all made of AWESOME?!?!?!?!?! *sigh*

Wow, some harsh words there GOCF Elosha. Yet totally what Laura needs to get out of that frakky headspace she's been in. But is this like Cylon Projection OR frakky Doloxyn hallucinations?

OU! Thinky!Helo! My love for this guy has returned. Dawwww... and then he's all weirded out now... Yeah, that's what happens when you love a Cylon darlin', you got issues.

And WTF is w/all the 'Yes, sir's' when addressing a female commander??? They did it in ST too and it kinda weirds me out cos my Old Man said regs state ur supposed to 'Ma'am' the superior officers of the woman sex. WTF?!?!

D'ANNA!!!! Teh Unboxing! *flail* SO SAY WE ALL!

And 8 as an ally until they see something shiny. So Boomer's Italy?!?!?!?

The Allied Forces Briefing. Feel the tension! Feel the hate! Feel the disdain! Feel the prejudice!

Cylon logic: I am she as she is me as we are one. M'kay...

Roslin & Baltar remind me of little kids vying for the teachers attention.

"Well I'm just doing the same thing you're doing." *shrug*

"No the only thing you're doing is YELLING. Do it again, do it again, do it again."

LOL! So is it me or does this scene feel REALLY improvised?!?!? Like the director went: 'Okay, for this last take, just go with it.' ...and GO with it they DID! So. Frakking. Funny. I know it's not really supposed to be but how can you NOT laugh at them?!?!?


"Why are doing this again? I don't wanna see this again."

Because Laura, all of this has happened before and will happen again, and again, and again, again, again, again... Oh wait, Elosha's expounding, must. listen.

Ancients? Are we talking Farscape Ancients or Stargate Ancients? Weren't there Ancients in Babylon 5 too? Cos pretty much all the Ancients in ANY show are pretty much frakked in the head.

"If you're my sub-conscious I gotta say you're a little full of myself." AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Classic. Espenson. \o/

I must mention how pretty Mary's hair is. So. Pretty. And also, the Pose of Awesome needs a shout out.

In today's portrayal of Lee Adama we will have Karl Agathon.

"Captain you are not married to the entire production line." JANE. You. WIN.


D'ANNA! Oh Cavil, you sniveling opportunist. You just want a tie breaker.

Wow Seelix, quite a potty mouth you've got there. And dude, her call sign is 'Hardball'? Oh DAMN!

"Permanent death. Well that makes this all the more meaningful." XENA!!! *XENA WAR CRY* I love that bleary-eyed hangover look she's got.

Mmmm, nice choice of music. Instead of the percussive beats that we're used to it's now this solemn hollow piece to signify a turning point in this narrative. I luffs Bear.

Gaius preaching to a Centurion??? OMG! LOL! OH, JANE! I LOVE YOU! Serious.

Ah, here comes the moment of reckoning for the Roslin/Baltar dynamic. Can I just say brilliance? You see her taking advantage of the situation to get the truth. Opportunist. She and Baltar are alike in that way. She's not very conscious of that trait yet when it's glaringly obvious she will make use of it. He, however, is VERY well aware of that and exploits it.

Roslin's reaction to hearing the truth? That hard breathing? The shaking of a person down to the core? Mary. Is. Brilliant.

Oh lookit! The Hub 'splosion looks like a solar flare. AWESOME! ZOIC is such a great effects house. WIN! OH the humanity! Cylons have a harsh reality check nowadays. Dude. Superb.

*whimper* *tears up* PAPADAMA!!! Ohhhh... and that moment is SO true. Dying is harder for the living than it is for the afflicted. They stay because YOU need them... he's so desperate. *cries* AND THEN THEY FRAKKING PLAY THEIR THEME!!! Seriously, I just died a little. Oh jeez! I love this man's face. He commands EVERY nerve in his expression. EJO IS LOVE! Eddie. Is. Brilliant.

FRAK! Then she begs Gaius to NOT DIE after she tried to kill him! FRAK ME! This show is made of crazy. Crazy awesome craziness! My love runneth over...

LOL, I love how D'ANNA (yes, I'm always gonna spell her name that way) is so cynical & cruel about being back. Excellent syke! on Roslin. Deception is a waste of time. So. True. Xena. So. True.

Earning humanity's right to survive. *puts in To Analyse Bucket*

"Galactica. My home." ZOMG! a;slfdkahgasl;kfdjasdflasjdf;alskdj*flail*;sldkfja;sldkfjas;l LOOKIT!HER!FACE! The contentment. The satisfaction.

Just sittin' here hangin' with the Hybrid. I love that shot.


The THEME! The THEME OF LOVE!!! This man's face. I'm tellin' ya. See his determination. See his certainty. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! *sigh* Her knight in flight suit armour. Lookit her face... Dawwwww... I love how she tries to say something when he's finally in front of her but words TOTALLY. fail. her. So he goes first. And she can barely speak. HEEE! And then the HUG! OMG! All you can see on her face is: "Home. I'm home." The gasp of air she takes before she utters the "I love you" and the small lilty tone? Beautiful. SQUEE! And even better? He Han Solo's the moment!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I seriously just exploded. And this is like the 90 millionth time I'm watching this. So. Good. It sounds SO sappy but Mary & Eddie make it ROCK! I am now willing to subscribe for life to every cheesy cliched romantic moment if they're the ones in it.

The rhythm of this scene is flawless. The pauses let the emotion breathe. The gravitas of the situation certain and heavy and yet music lifts it with an air of joy.

One word: Glorious.
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