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Why you rock me sox!!! Numero Dos

Answers for this meme.

major_zoidberg: JOE! Besides the whole Sparky, Bender or Zoidberg, Big Damn Hero bond that we created I luffs you for so many reasons. You're one of the only men I know that does NOT like porn because it's degrading to women. LOVE. YOU. TIMES. INFINITY. One of the only men I know who doesn't mince words when it comes to religion, sex and politics. WIN! Your sense of humour and cynicism mirror my own yet a gajillion times better cos you can express them with an articulate train of thought and all I have to say is: WORD! There's also your awesome handy-man traits that I am SO totally JEALOUS of ABSOLUTELY love. And even tho you take your licks you keep on ticking. Never give up! Never surrender! *squishyhuggles*
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