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Why you rock me sox!!!

Answers for this meme.

wickedandcruel: Because of teh ROBOSPANKER! And threatening to put each other on the hood. And we pretty much sail the same ships in like EVERY fandom. Who knew? But seriously? Cos you are not afraid to tell people what you like and DON'T like and then provide the reasons for that state of being, I. Love. You. Awesomesauce! If only everyone would say what they think and mean it the world would be a different place. I strive to tell people my side everyday whether they like it or not because of you. Boom baby!

luxuria_oceanus: ^_^ *sings* Oh darlin please believe me, I'll never do you no harm... *ahem* You are one crazy-hyper-sarcastic-busy-funny-energetic ball of fun. Through all your highs and lows you take me on the ride with no reservations. When you're happy, I am. When you're pissed off and irritated, I am. When you're struggling to find that light and finally, FINALLY grab hold of it with a fist of triumph, I do too. Plus, you're one third of that crazy triangly thing we got going w/Ren. How could I NOT love you? *tackleglompysmushysquishyhugs* ^_^

lunar47: ZOMG! Cos BSG brings us together. Kara & Leoben are the crazy glue that holds us there! Honesty and truthfulness comes to mind when I started thinking about how to tell you about the greatness that you are. The willingness to lay it all out there and allowing me access to it is a privilege that few are entrusted with. It makes me want to be more truthful in my own being. And for that, I love you.

browncoatkait: Oh sister of mine, your unabashed lust for life is infusing and contagious. Never before have I found a friend as you. In fact I go so far as to say you are my best friend, a notion that I have been disillusioned with as a child and most of my adult life. Then along came you who matches me in every way and mis-matches me in the best of ways. You make me want to be a better person and to strive to live a life of my making. I am no longer a lonely soul. I love you. *sooperdedooperhoogs*
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