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Things I Am Not Allowed To Do Aboard A Basestar...

HOLY CRAP I LOVE BSG LIKE 'askl'gk;jsadf'asdklfhasd'lgkfjz' *incomprehensive squee* GUH!

First. LEOBEN! BELIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE!!!! omgs!he's Mulder! 0_0 And how frakking cute was Kara's ZOMG!THIS!IS!WHAT!Iz!LOOKING!FER! face. omgs. *squish* She showed how well she wears those pants. Me & the Cap'n. *nod* STARBUCK RULES!

Helo/Athena. Meh. Storyline does nothing for me. *shrug* I just keep asking where the frak is Hera? Racetrack has better things to do than babysit all week. On that note, can any pilot be CAG? Cos in all eps CAGs have been Viper pilots not Raptor. Maybe Racetrack is CAG due to lack of personnel? Survivor mode? *shrug*

I do however love the stakes of NO RESURRECTION SHIP DANGER WILL ROBINSON thing they have for these Cylons. Speaking of... how messed up and how brilliant was it that Natalie executed Six? What a FRAKKING BRILLIANT gleaming moment of clarity for 'human justice'. Taking that mirror and just blazing the light of a thousand suns back into their face. That? That is why I LOVE L-O-V-E Cylons. Well, the Six Cylon most immensely. Doing the right thing over the easy thing. Awesome. I almost cried when Six said: "I'm glad it's you." and then THE KISS OF DEATH! OMG! FUCKING BRILLIANT! "She's just as dead as your friend." *UBER SADZ* *reflects* To ask the ultimate question: WHY are they fighting again?

Cos you understand the plight. The human NEED for retribution. The WANT to give back as you've been given. Does that make Six MORE human because she accepted her fate. The consequence of her action? The IMMEDIATE consequence of her action delivered by none other than herself? It doesn't matter who started it *cough*THIRTEENTH!*cough*COLONY!*cough*, just the fact that it's a vicious circle with no end in sight, my question, how does it end? And what happens AFTER the end?

So many morality issues to bring up. So little time.

*Sidebar: And how cool is that to call yourself 'sister'? FRAK-ING-COOL.

Laura & KIRA NYRES?!?!?!?! WIN! I think it's funny how when the first promos of BSG came out and it was this pic:

My bro went: "It's that dude from DS9!"

Me: "Uh, no it's not."

Him: "Yes it is."

Me: "Dude, it's not."

Him: "Totally IS."

Me: "Uhm, completely NOT!"

Him: "YES. IT. IS."

Me: "That's the dude from Bridget Jones Diary. The gay friend. James Callis. Alexander Siddig, the dude from DS9, is totally married to Nana Visitor AKA Major Kira Nyres of the Bajoran's."

Him: "Nuh uh."

Me: "Sure. Fine. Whatever."

Fast forward two years or so...

Him: "Doesn't Baltar look like the dude from DS9?"

Me: *headdesk*

Roslin/Adama... I think it's really Bill/Laura in this ep tho. Oh. My. Guh. *swoons* Dude. WHY?!?!? WHY!?!?!?!?!? Oh, why? They're my OTP if ever I had any on this show. Mom & Dad RULE! Woobie Bill + Strength of Hera Laura = LOVE! They just don't know it. Or maybe they DO but just don't like to say it. *snickers* *waggly brows* Excellent spoiler. Excellent. Kinda makes me wanna watch The Fountain. *sigh* One thing tho, she had brows. When you have chemo and/or radiation you have no brows... YET! Yet, Kira had no brows but hair so maybe it's a dioxyshmmierababbinkoolcadygook side effect. Oh, sci fi.

And holy crap! Already 117 comments on BSGCast and it's only Sunday. w00 h00! We like this one.

On a completely IRRELEVANT note: Does it make me more or less of a geek if I cry whenever I read Avengers Disassembled & House of M? Prolly does, huh? Especially the part where Pietro's yelling at Erik and telling him that the Avengers & X-Men are plotting to kill Wanda and asking his father if he's going to let that happen. Cos seriously? Quicksilver kinda breaks my heart in that one. All he wants to do is be a good big brother and protect his lil sister from all the hurt and pain that she's carrying. *sigh* It does, doesn't it? Yeah. Geek.

Alright, I'm out.
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