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Cos I got a bone to pick with you...

The thing about Kristen Stewart is that she reminds me SO MUCH of Kate Moennig (who, btw is Gwyneth's cousin, little known fact that... anyway...) that I can't buy the Bella factor.

Kristen is SUCH a tomboy, which I am totally down with, being that I am a tomboy myself, but Bella is supposed to be this creature filled with wonderful curiosity and vulnerable insecurities that are conveyed physically in the book by her awkwardness and lack of coordination. Kristen, is an avid athlete and it shows in her physique. (BTW, I'm totally discounting New Moon here, cos the fact that Bella has the balls to ride a bike? WIN!) You can TELL she surfs and hikes and bikes and runs and does a great many other things that contribute to the fitness of her body. ARRRRRGH! *flexes* You can see it in EVERY movie she's done. Panic Room. Catch That Kid. Zathura. In the Land Of Women. Into the Wild. Not a shred of uncertainty in the way that she moves. That being said, she's able to convey snark and *sings* hopelessly devoted to youuuuu *ahem* very convincingly.

With Ellen Page? She's a tomboy too, but has such a geeky adorkable quality in her physicality that I totally get the uncoordination (Yes, it's a word. I just made it up thank you very much.) vibe off her. Although she is in shape, cos let's face it you have to be fit and pretty to be popular in Hollywood, she doesn't have the overpowering "I am a STELLAR Physical Education Student Grrrr!" *flexes* vibe that Kristen does. However, the desperately in lurve and dazzled by Edward is not something I associate very much with the strength of character Page gives off. That's a stretch I would have a hard time believing yet it would prove to me the excellence of her talent. So there's that. Snark and drama however, are her forte. Mouth to Mouth. Hard Candy. X-Men. Juno.

Now, with Robert Pattinson? OMG!CEDRIC!DIGGORY! Still can't get over that. *sigh* But after seeing the trailer, okay, I get it. Yes, he's DAZZLING but omg!its!cedric!with!an!american!accent!hee! I still wish it were Henry Cavill. Frak, why do you have to be too old and doing the Tudors!!! Don't you know my fangirl wants you to desperately give up intellectual cable shows to be Edward for THREE MOVIES!?!?!?!?!?!? C'mon, man!

Yet, in spite of all that, HOLY SHIT! I'M EXCITED! SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

M'kay, so that's it. I'm done now.

May 16: Prince Caspian
May 23/24: Kaua'i! w00t! I'm going to see browncoatkait and we're going to see INDY!!! INDY! INDY!
June:My long sleeve BSG shirt. Firefly Art/Specs Book. Astonishing X-Men Trade Vol 4. Marvels Hardcover.
July: All-Star Batman & Robin by Frank Miller & Jim Lee Hardcover.
July 25: FLAIL! *sing* things are gettin' strange I'm starting to worry...
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