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FRAK! I had to repost this cos my putey's all wonky. *pets*


I've actually taken to writing that on all the inventory sheets on Fridays. You know why? Cos Cylons. They rule. *nod*

I KNEW IT! CYLON CIVIL WAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!! YES! Paying attention to the Hybrid in Razor has proven very beneficial. *nod* And what the frak was with the gratuitous 'Cavil's are 1. Leoben's are 2. Sharon's are 8.' We KNEW THAT! Hello? Have there been complaints about not being able to ID them to their numbers? Cos, uh, D'Anna pretty much ID'd everyone to Caprica Six in season two. I'm serious. Some of the fandom wasn't paying attention... *looks mockingly at them* Tsk tsk tsk. And you call yourselves fanboys. For shame fandom. For shame.

Is it weird now that I like Tory better cos she's a Cylon? Cos I do. I really do. Before she was all 'meh' to me cos OMG!BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Now? She kinda has my sympathies. Huh. I really do heart the Cylons. *pets them* 'Cept Anders. I still don't like him. So maybe not so much?

ZOMG!STICK!JOCKEY!SEELIX! *fangirls* *flail*

And is it me or has the fleet acquired some new ships as of late? Perhaps those constructed on New Caprica?

Oh, Gaius! Gaius, meet Gaius. Hello there. I must admit, I do find him entertaining even at his most grating moments. So. Funny. Too bad he's gonna DIE! No, wait...

POLITICALLY!CORRECT!SIX!FTW! I love when Tricia doesn't wear that frugly blonde wig. Blech.

STARBUCK! *pets* *hugs* I still wonder where they're going with her, you know besides the obvious.

Who else loved the Mamadama/Papadama domesticity scene? Awwwww.... I hearts them. Seriously they make this show for me. *squee*

And finally, due to the over enthusiastic fronts of the bro and amoryburgess I now have been led to the precipice of thinking Laura's a Cylon. *curses to the fanboys in my life* *glares* We'll see how THAT works out.

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