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Fic: Irulan

Title: Irulan
Rating: G
Disclaimer: All your base is belong to Frank.
Notes: Written a while ago and beta'd by gwynhyfar1984. All my thanks to her.

She has been princess.

She has been Bene Gesserit.

She has been wife.

Many will see her as pampered. Conniving. Simpering. Weak.

Many will look upon her with pity and sorrow. None of which she will accept. It is not pride that keeps these things from her. It is hope.

Always hope.

It is something that all of her training could never provide.

There is pain and lamentation. Regret. Loneliness. There are times of momentary collapse when she could seek comfort in all that she rejects. Passing interludes when she is simply a woman broken, none but a pawn to be trifled with. Where there is no love.

Yet she navigates between strength and error and returns from her failure changed, reinforced through her trial. As her duty in time grew to love, she becomes potent in her new form. She becomes custodian.


In that she exceeds. In that she is fierce. Many will see her fealty in that task. Many will call her protector. That, she will accept.

Never will she bear children. It is not her place. But she will never be called childless. In those that will never be her own she finds hope.

And there, there is love.

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