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Eh, stuff...

Awww, I just sawed Ronon/Teyla icons. They holded hands???? Cute! So is he the baby dad? Somebody inform me cos I'm SO not watching anymore.

So, I guess I'm over the mopey now. I'll chock it up to 'that time of the month'.

Went to a Dark Masque Ball on Saturday. It was all gothy and socially. Interesting. Also there was some guy that danced like Patti Smith. Uh, yeah. Goth dance, from my observation, is all about channeling the undulating creatures from the depths of the sea. They played Skinny Puppy and Rammstein and Nitzer Ebb and all kinds of excellent old school gothy stuff.

In even better news, browncoatkait and I are going to CreationCon in November. w00t!

SCC: OMIGOSH! Cameron go boom! So's anyone know if they're gonna come back sometime THIS season or do we have to wait for September? Cos all this waiting for fandom makes me all 'grrrrr' and 'aaahhhh' with the 'eeeeee'. Here's the schedule that I've taken up on xfkirsten's advice.

March 5 (today): Buffy #13? 14?
April 4: BSG returns
Sometime in April: The New Firefly/Serenity 3 issue comic.
April 14: Grey's Anatomy returns.
May: Uh, I think my Serenity mug comes in. OU! And INDY! INDY INDY INDY!
July 25: XF!2!
August: *needs to be filled*
September: *needs to be filled*
October: *needs to be filled*
November: BURBANK!CON!

And did you guyses hear about the fourth Bourne movie? It's prolly old news but YAY! More Bourne.

And how much do Sabs & Jess rock!??!?!??!?! Way rock. Like the absolute essence of rock. Seriously. Hats off to the Frenchies for gettin' it done. I iz SO getting them things of DVD. Support your fandom! Hee.


It's kinda like Anya trying to be a vengeance daemon again. Absolutely funny. 'You kill him. I mean kick him. Kick his ass. No killing. Just kicking.' ROFLMAO! Best.

The end.
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