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I'd like to thank the academy...

Well hell, if I knew Tilda Swinton was nominated for a frellin' Oscar I woulda made MORE iconage... or something. YAY! She WINS!

And shite! Juno was nominated and won TOOOOOOO?!?!?!

I think the secret to winning the Oscar and NOT having your career SUCK afterwards (and I don't mean this strictly cos there have been REALLY hugely successful double wins and stuff, NOT to mention that there are performances that some people were snubbed for *cough*SeanPenn*cough* and SHOULD have won *cough*IAMSAM*cough* but didn't *cough*RusselCrowe*cough*Gladiator*cough* yet won for the NEXT film *cough*MysticRiver*cough* in which didn't nearly have the same level of appeal or accessibility as the previous performance *cough*SeanPenn*cough* OR the performances that NEVER get nominated and SHOULD at least be recognised but that's another story in its entirety. DAMN THE SYSTEM!) is being a Non-American. Seriously, lookit some 'o the folk that've won and been successful afterwards and those that have won and HAVEN'T.

Audrey Hepburn: Dutch
Cate Blanchett: Aussie Aussie Aussie!
Maggie Smith: Brit
Ingrid Bergman: Swedish
Kate Hepburn: American (and this is cos she's PHENOMENAL!)
Julie Andrews: Brit

Hilary Swank: American
Angelina Jolie: American
Faye Dunaway: American
Halle Berry: American
Cher: American
Gwyneth Paltrow: Amercian

See, what I mean???? Where did their careers go??? Mostly into: 'Uh, I don't know.' Or: 'Huh?' But majority of the time it went to: 'REALLY!??!?! They're doing THAT now?' I've got a theory tho. It's not their fault. Their life in the American public eye generates SO much speculation and expectation that when their next project is in the can it kinda falls flat. On the flip side of that we have the Non-Americans who've started their careers long before the American media circus got hold of them that they become a 'novelty' and have this unattainable mystery cos of their origin, or whatever. Added to that they HAVE someplace to retreat to and escape into with the act of going back home. A place where they have the chance to ground themselves and reassess their careers. They find a center AWAY from the media vultures that wanna pick thru their stool samples and sell it on ebay.

But anyway, I think the last award show I saw was David Duchovny handing out the golden-statue-made-of-globular-shapes-and/or-with-possible-wings, but I'm not sure cos it was SO long ago, to Gillian Anderson. She was wearing this black De Laurenta gown get up... in fact I think it was the award show that they went to TOGETHER. And then everyone was all lyke: ZOMG!THEYRESOOOOOOOODOINGIT!!!!

Thus ends the 'spoilery' part of my post.

Also, I totally slipped and fell today. HARD! Cos it was raining like hell and I was running for cover. I hit the garage of the building and FWOOP! I lose my footing cos I'm wearing flip-flops with no grip on a slippery concrete floor and BAM! I fall on my hip, shoulder and knee. Kinda like THIS. DAAAAAAAAAMN! That hurts. [/Kyle Reese love]
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