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My arm hurts. It's gonna storm. But YAY! TINA FEY ON SNL!!! w00t! 'Bitch is the new Black!'

I made icons and banners. Stupid Photobucket gets all wonky when I try to put up teh banners. Bah. PB u suk! Most of them were made w/the res of 500 x 'whatever' unless indicated. So if you want 'em, jus clicky 'em and they show up in that scrapbook thingy. YAY LJ!

AKA: Adrien Brody/Tilda Swinton/Cate Blanchett/Evan Rachel Wood

The Endless

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9




800 x 465

800 x 324


800 x 412


Tags: ready mcreaderson: comics, what some may call graphics

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