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Twilight Cast

Okay, so how is it that they can do better on the supporting cast than they can on the leads??? What the frell?? Dude, EVA is Esme. Heh. *iz amused* Go Grey's Anatomy. *thumbs up* I still like Sophia more... maybe I casted too old. Cos Ashley Green is like a junior version of Rachel Leigh. I'm just sayin'... I'm biased. I like my cast better. They're experienced and eclectic.

Children of Dune

Also, who is the 'she' of Inama Nushif? Are they speaking of Jessica? Chani? Irulan? Arrakis it/herself? Or Ghanima? Because Ghani, of all the women of Dune is the one who most fits the description of 'singular and ageless, perpetually bound' with her pre-born self which no malice can touch due to Leto's Secher Nbiw.

Or more likely, with intent of personifying Arrakis, it prolly means the planet itself, no? She who is bound to humans. She who is eternal. She who sacrifices. She who cannot be equaled. She who is bound. Bound to Shai Halud. Bound to the spice. The Universe.

Muad'dib!!! Making me all thinky.

And YAY! STRIKE IS OVER!!!!!!! Dude. That was endless. *runs to fic*
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