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I iz sick! AGAIN! Hence the not posting for like... a LOOOOOOONG time. My head feels like it's stuck in a fish tank strung upside down from the ceiling. Also, my bestest friend ever... like, EVAR!! Moved away this past Wednesday. So I've been totally sad on top of being totally sick.

So I watched Into the West for the past couple of days. *sniff* Seriously.

...and Farscape.

ZOMG! Season Three, you are not made of love. Killing my Mama Bluey is NOT cool. But I understand why they did it and the WAY they did it was OMG!SO!WORTH!IT! The pleebing fraktarts over at Stargate could take a few cues from the amazingness that is Farscape. Gnarls. Anyway, I'm so glad Mama Zhaan comes back a couple of times later. Luff her like woah! Aww, and crazy crazy Starky. Poor guy. He needs huggles. *huggles*

Dudes, I'm SOOOOOOOO over SGA. *sads*

Also, Children of Dune? WTF?!!?? Frank Herbert you is weird mister. I mean I get it, but seriously? Wow. Yeah. Oh, and the Skiffy mini??? Made of win! Ghani was made of win, no? So was Alia. *sniff* ABOMINATION!!!! But, ZOMG! JAMES MCAVOY!!!!! I hearts Mr. Tumnus Leto. Also, youse guys gotta see Atonement cos he's in it. ZOMG! *fangirls* But you know the best part about CoD?!??!?!?!?!? LADY JESSICA!!! ZOMG!!! BORG QUEEN!!!! Resistance is futile bitches! Alice Krige FTW!!!! Serious.

NEW Sarah Connor Chronicles TONIGHT!!!! SQUEE!

Meme nicked from the flist.

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And my media player is made of win.
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