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One SCC gripe...

I'm kinda erked about the Terminator's/Cameron's (whatever you wanna call her/it) behavioral inconsistencies. When we first meet her/it she's all 'normal pretty school girl' and now when she re-enters school she's all 'metal plate in head girl'. What's up wit dat?!?!?

Like I know they're 'learning machines' and everyday is a new day, but wouldn't her programming have rebooted back to 'school girl' mode like it did in the first ep where she's all chatty and 'normal'? Dude, she even giggled at John's lame insurance joke. There were also colloquialisms in place. IE: 'Sucks to be you.' So what gives? Did Sarah chuck her out of that window too hard from the last ep and dislodge her personality chip?!?!?

My bro has this theory that when their primary objective is reached, in the first ep to locate John, then the software gets deleted. *shrug* I dunno. I thought that it was hardwired into them. IE: Uncle Bob in T2. He learned humanity and how to adapt. You'd think that this new 'unidentified type' of Terminator would have that too. Unless, John, future John, made her from scratch. Cos obviously, if he can reprogramme a T-101 AND a T-800 the next logical step would be for him to build one, yes?

Which makes me wonder about this future John and Cameron. Is she a representation of someone in his life in the future??!?!?!? Also, are they gonna show Kyle Reese in like flash backy/nightmare mode like they did in T2? OR, would Cameron have a message or holo-image of him for John or Sarah even. And could Nathan Fillion play him?? Please? Please? PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE!?!??!?! Nah, that wouldn't work, screams: FIREFLY!!! too much. OU, but you know who could be a good Kyle Reese???? Callum Keith Rennie. *nod* He looks like Michael Biehn. Plus, he has that whole apocalyptic vibe thing down. Or is he too short??? Or does CKR just look short next to Trish and Xena in the basestar???

So many questions, so much time between answers. Damn.
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