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Because I, am a dunce...

...did you know there were OTHER PEOPLE who casted Twilight the SAME WAY as I did?!?!?!? For serious? Sha-huh. Of course, I wouldn't of known that cos A) I only started looking for Twilight comms and vids like yesterday and B) I've only had a computer with internet access for about three years. (Yes, I hail from the stone age.) But anyway... Lookit!


Tho it seems in selective areas of fandom Ellen Page is a distant 2nd to Emily, in the sarcastic and stubborn scenes played out in my head, it's Ellen. In the lovey dovey zomg!romance scenes, it's Emily. Weird. But not like that's gonna happen now... *las* I'm good at denial.

Also, this Jacob thing... You know it IS difficult to have Eddie be a young Jacob. At this rate he'd prolly be casted as Sam. *sigh* Whatever, he's still MY Jacob. And what's the hullabaloo with this Steven Strait guy??? Yes, he's cute. Yes, he's of age but something about him doesn't strike me with a 'THIS IS JACOB' vibes. *shrug*
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