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Who jumped on the angst train fueled by Jacob Black?


Who needs a Eddie Spears as Jacob Black icon?


Who totally needs a graphiques programme to make said icon?


Who's totally following a crak!fandom made of 'yet to be corporealised' forms?


Who can't wait for the next installment of the Twilight verse?


Who got really excited and overjoyed with the new found pain inflicted upon a fictional character?


Who suffers the most from my enjoyment of woobie?

Jacob Black.

Who is the absolute personification of every single Damien Rice song EVAR composed?

Jacob Black.

Why do I love that?

Because it's masochistic to heart pain and suffering thru projection.

Who doesn't care if the fandom being gushed about isn't shared by the flist lyke woah?


Why should this matter to you, my lovely flist, if you've never heard or explored this fandom known as Twilight?

Because I'm hoping my fangirling and enthusiasm will peak interest and eventually convert you over to the evilest verse of written word (which most of you, including myself, have subscrbe to frequently) before it's turned into a movie. Don't judge a book by its movie people. The movies are evil. EVIL I tell ya!!! EVIL!!!!!! *sings* Imagination, imaginaaaaaaaaatiooooooonnnnn....
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