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Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand...

Okay, seriously? I feel so. bad. for Jacob. I know that he's torn between his ever dying love for Bella and duty being thrust upon him during the age of youth (a supernatural youth at that) when responsibility and adult things are shirked but seriously? His life sucks. He can't do what he wants. He can't love the girl (who, by the way gets NO quarter for her shenanigans, the emotional ones, cos dude, I'm all for bike riding and cliff diving, in New Moon and how she KNOWS she's encouraging him yet she uses him to make HER feel better. What IS that?!?!? OMG!USER! ...but you know not really cos she's Bella and she sincerely means everything and you TOTALLY believe her cos she REALLY doesn't want anybody to hurt as long as she can prevent it... you know, she kinda reminds me of Buffy in reverse. Buffy had the inferiority complex about her superiority and Bella has the superiority complex about her inferiority. It's very 'repulsed by her attraction'... but I digress...) he wants the way he wants.

Anyway, like I was saying. He's sort of a tragic figure. And yes, he could cool it with the 'bloodsuckers' and vampire hate-o-rade but I understand that. His people have been oppressed and had their culture ripped away from them for the reasons of someone else expanding a 'better way of life' by tromping on theirs. I totally get that. (Check out my interest, it has stuff like: 'tribal culture, native americans, native american culture', and weird stuff like: 'oppressed natives'. Seriously.) I also give him some slack due to his youth and thereby his lack of understanding. He's blinded by dislike because of his limited experience. Measure that to the 400 or so years Carlisle (the most civilised vamp EVAR) has under his belt and Jake's got a lot of ground to cover, so to speak. (ba dump ch)

So in my world, cos I'm only 3/4ths done with New Moon, Jacob learns from Carlisle not just tolerance (because 'tolerance' is just the putting up with something you can't stand until you don't care about it anymore and really it's an ugly word when in that context because it does nothing to change a person, just makes them bitter) but more importantly teaches Jacob acceptance and understanding, which is far superior to tolerance. From acceptance and understanding grows trust and through that foundation, love. True love. (Mind you I'm not talking about the kind of love associated with the phrase 'true love' the Greek word, Eros. I'm talking about the kind of love that stems from the Greek word Agape, or principled love, one based on humanity. A harmony, if you will.) An all enduring, unconditional love that all people are capable of when guided and sharpened.
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