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Reminisence of Fandom Past

Remember when T'Pol was all stoic-y Vulcan and wore really ugly brown catsuits?

Remember when Trip tried to be friendly cos it's in his nature to be?

Remember the DeCon Scene?

Remember all the arguments over Archer?

Remember the trying to kill each other cos of weird alien pollen?

Remember meals in the mess?

Remember the trading of gibes and scoffs at alien culture?

Remember when it looked like they were going for a T'pol/Archer ship?

Remember when that was kinda weird?

Remember when the Human and Vulcan found common ground and worked well together?

Remember the being forced into labor and the matching headbands thing?

Remember all the alien chicks that kinda made T'pol jealous?

Remember movie night invites?

Remember all the age jokes?

Remember PonFARRRRRRR?!?!?!

Remember when Trip's sister died?

Remember when Trip was ordered to go to neuropressure therapy?

Remember the peaches?

Remember the colour added to T'pol's wardrobe?

Remember the movie night cave in? ZOMG! She watched *whisper* a movie.

Remember the cowboy ep?

Remember the clone boy Sim? SIM!!!

Remember the jealousy made of Amanda?

Remember Harbinger? C'mon, you know you doooo!!!

Remember the Trellium-D addict story line containing withdrawal and sex dreams?

Remember the emotional breakdown that was realised in The Forgotten?

Remember the funky time thingy that had the first Human/Vulcan child?

Remember the first time she called him 'Trip' and all the fangirls squee'd into the next three galaxies?

Remember when they saved all those fangirls from the Sphere Builders?

Remember the reveal of her age and it being 'intimate knowledge' to Vulcans?

Remember when they had to work like hell to save Archer? Again.

Remember the meeting the mommy ep and all the angst that went with it?

Remember all the hurt after that?

Remember the worth of a Vulcan crisis T'pol had?

Remember all the craptastic anvils that Trip wasn't gonna survive the series?

Remember Trip deciding to leave Enterprise?

Remember the shared daydream thing? That was fun. 'This is MY daydream. YOU leave.'

Remember him coming back to Enterprise?

Remember the Orion womens taking over the ship and Trip was the only male not affected?

Remember the Mirror Universe and all its weird freaky Sub/Dom stuff?

Remember Robocop and all the DNA splicing to 'prove' incompatible DNA which resulted in lil baby Elizabeth?

Remember Trip crying cos their baby died?

Remember the CRUEL hope the PTBs threw at us in the form of the coda for that ep?!?!?!

Remember how they came full circle from Broken Bow when he offered his hand in friendship and she refused to take it, yet, in Terra Prime she willingly reaches for him?

Remember the universal denial of These Are the Voyages cos it was a total cop out?

Good times. Good times.
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