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Erm... yeah.

1) Freakishly high wind schizophrenic rolling blackout thunder and lightning weather? Not fun. Completely unpredictable. Yet gets me out of work in the mornings. YAY!

2) Drama at job that's supposed to be fun? Not fun. Completely unpredictable. Yet I can always quit cos I don't really need to work in a minimum paid job which I only took cos hell it's my dream job and like all dreams you eventually have to wake up. I'd explain it yet it's completely asinine and childish so I won't. Unless you ask cos you OMG you really wanna know.

3) Season Two of Grey's Anatomy? Fun. Completely sarcastic and completely solidifies my love for Miranda Bailey. ^_^ Yet it only makes me long for the time when Shonda Rhimes wasn't abducted and replaced by the pod people.

4) Um... yeah.
Tags: boring life stuff, in the trenches, teevee: greys anatomy

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