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Teh Pretty

So anyone else think that Callie will end up with McSteamy? I know they already did the casual rebound sex thing but like since Man Whore can't really make it with, well, anyone and Callie DID kinda sorta make it with Man Whore Jr., you think they'll put them back together? Cos seriously, after seeing the George/Izzie in its complete context: yech. Callie deserves some gorgeousness for her pretty. Seriously.

*searches for teh iconage*

ETA: Iconage found!

Also, I really think they've seriously hit a slump with the George/Izzie thing and SO totally beat to death with the Mer/Der thing. I tuned out when the whole: 'Choose me. Pick me.' whiny thing came about. Ugh. I need something new in this show, something to remind me why I thought it was kickass... which prolly won't happen now thankyouverymuchwritersguildstrike. But one always has fanfic... hopefully it's not as GAWD AWFUL as the O&A fic I've ventured into. OMG! *headdesk* *repeatedly*
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