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Hehe, ‘Review Purposes Only”

Cue Music!!! No, wait… there IS no music on the ‘RPO’ version. ‘Tis a dry cut.

Heist? So we get all Ocean’s Eleveny Rodney??? Now, would that make you Rusty or Danny, cos you know it IS your brilliant idea.

The Phallic Symbol RETURNS!!!!!

Awww, the happily snarky’d couple hard at work. Why do I have no trouble slashing Zelenks/McKay & Beckett/McKay but I can’t do it with THE most popular slash in this fandom, Sheppard/McKay???

*insert sound effect here*

Well, see John, when you get there you’ll be superb cos you already have a half-replidude in your city. Drumroll please...

TA-DA!!!!! Elizabeth Weir, THIS is YOUR LIFE!!!!! After you fix your dressing gown, cos Lizzie don show no leg.

*roll credits* ZOMG! It’s the awesome!credit roll! I hearts the ‘RPO’ version.

...And this is a view of the base of the Phallic Symbol...

See, that’s what makes a good leader. Someone who plays out THE WORST scenario FIRST and then makes Alphabet City Plan AROUND that so they don’t HAVE to get to the Plan F ‘...As in we’re totally.’

Neutralisation is just another word for kill. Anybody ever hear the command in the Bourne movies: ‘Neutralise the target’????? SEEEEEEE!!!!! Lizzie’s TOTALLY seen those movies.

John’s whispering to her in front of everybody else... I know there’s supposed to be a squee in there somewhere but I’m confused by the lack of musical que. Am I supposed to feel something there??? Oh mighty PTBs, guide me with your wis... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I’m sorry, I couldn’t even keep a straight face typing that... *giggle fits*

Hold on a sec… it’s hard to watch and review and type and eat at the same time. *pause*

...aaaaaaaaaaand, we’re back!

Aw, lookit Lizzie and her established silent understanding with the aliens Ronon & Teyla. Sweet.

LOL! Clunky door closures! *thunk* They’re gonna fix that in post, right?

TEYLA!!!! WAIT!!!! You’re not going anywhere young lady! The people who are NOT your people NEED YOU!!!! Lead them Teyla. Do not be afraid of the mantle of leadership... You know what this doesn’t even make any sense! Teyla was there the first time the whatchamawhokits were there!! LET HER GO!!! *sing* When Teyla was in Repli-land, Let my Teyla goooooooo...

Back the snarky couple... I take it there’s supposed to be some kind of whooshing techno sound fx when the thingy comes on... SUCCESS!!!!! LMAO!!! Ronon, I heart thee.

Hey are marines allowed to wear glasses on duty??? Don’t they wear contacts when going on a mission?

Now it’s all like Dead Woman Walking *insert dramatic music here*

ROFLMAO!!!! They should not have tilted the camera like that with the PJ launching cos it just looks like precum... BAH! luxuria_oceanus has used her wiley ways on me!!!! So, do I get a welcome to the gutter darlin’?

Dude, Lizzie’s sad. Serious. Lookit her face.

‘Just answer the damn question!’ Does Ronon say ‘damn’ a lot or is this coming from hanging out with Sheppard too much?

PJ’s can go into hyperspace??? Is that what all the snarky b/w Zelenks and McKay was about??? *iz not paying attention*

OMG! Boring WarHammer guy! ...actually it’s Warcraft but the geeks get all snippity when you ally them with the wrong game. I’m serious. I thought all geeks untie but alas working at the store has proven me wrong. Warhammer guys hate Warcraft guys who hate D&D guys, who hate Magic guys, who pretty much hate everybody. ‘Tis a sad sad thing that geeks are divided. If the geeks can’t stick together, WHO CAN????? *thinks*

HEY! You can’t use ‘Five by Five’!!! That’s Ferro’s line from Aliens: ‘We’re in the pipe, five by five.’ OR Faith the Vampyr Slayers line. Hrmph!

*insert more fx here* blah blah blah blah *fast forward*

Zelenka was riiiight. Zelenka was riiiiiight... and I can’t believe Rodney actually admitted it.

Hehe, Lizzie’s a walking HUD! Sweet new power... you know minus the whole alien thingies trying to kill you side-effect.

And wow it’s super quiet without the music...

Um, I don’t think John likes it when she talks all militarian-esque, lookit his concern!face... Rodney, slightly freaked out... Aw, she’s like Borg... *sads* There is no individuality, we are one, you will be assimilated, resistance is futile... We are Hugh!

Oh no he did NOT just call Ronon Chewie! *shakes head* You know John’s Captain Kirk complex is slowly heading towards the Han Solo complex. Would you PLEASE make John his OWN PERSON?!?!?!?!?!?! But noooooo, that would be asking too much of the PTBs. Whatever.

*insert swooshy door effect*

SCORE! ZPMs: 1 Replidudes: 0

*insert PJ door effect* Seriously, that whiny sound of it closing must be SUPER irritating on set

Well, they attack the Wraith NOW!!! Wait, there’re Wraith on this show?????

SEE!!! Assimilation!!! THEY ARE BORG!!! Well, of COURSE John’s not gonna let you do it! Jean-Luc didn’t let them do it to his crew! He became Locutus of Borg. Of course, you Colonel Sheppard are unfortunately NOT half-replidude nor are you in charge like Jean-Luc. Lizzie however is, and she’s gonna become Lizzie of Replidudes against your better wishes. Aw, sacrifice. *sniff*

Rodney will you like STOP having ideas!!!! All they do is facilitate the disappearance of your fearless leader... you know for a brain he can be really stupid sometimes... but it’s not his fault, he’s just written that way. *sadz*

*insert commercial break cue*

LOL, okay unlike a comic book, tv shows cannot write their way out of certain things and I think Rodney’s rambling is a testament to that cos I stopped listening after the first ‘assumming’ and only laughed/payed attention to the ‘and you know slaughter us’ part.

There’s that innate Sparky understanding again... *le sigh* ...oh no they just didn’t do the ‘look at you, look away’ thing!!! OMGAWD! *shipper flail*

*insert Not!Deadalus cue* Mage guy sais what? *fast forward*

Decloaky PJ! Hey I didn’t know they had all those platforms in the city but I guess anything’s possible when you BS your way through half your stories...

LOL! Penetrate. ROFLMAO! *insert gutteresque joke here*

No Rodney they’re having EYE!SEX stupid! They don’t care about the freaking anti-whatevernabobbit... Is it just me or are they pulling out ALL the stops on this one?? Who the frell needs a music cue when they have THAT?!?!?!? You know, I can’t believe this is the version the PTBs see and completely deny stuff like chemistry and chemistry and chemistry and chemistry and simply go for the physics. Physics is something that’s blatant and uneasy to manipulate whereas natural chemistry is, quite frankly, something hard to fake or force. SEE! *replay*

OBERON!!!! ...or whatever, dude all I know is that he was Cogsworth and those two dudes on Pocahontas in the Disney films. Oh, look! They have a Teyla lookalike. See, she so could been in on this.

I think there would be music on all the running around parts too...

Nice overhead! Hehe, ‘big glowy thing’. It’s like a USB connection!!!! ‘There’s only one slot Rodney.’ *insert guttery comment here* LMAO! Ohkay, maybe I can slash Rodney & John... Or maybe not cos they’re just not connecting.

Ou, they’re like Termites. The Termi-Replidudes!!!! Termites will burrow into any obstacle between them and their precious, precious wood. *insert own pr0ny joke here* FOOD!!!! They’re crazy. Some ants do that too. They’ll sacrifice themselves so the others can make a life raft out of their dead carcasses to cross bodies of water... Oh great, I just depressed myself with that analogy cos Lizzie is the Termi-Anty-Replidude... *sigh*

*insert more sound fx here* We have Repli!Penetration!!! OMG!

*dramatic commercial break cue*


Aw, radio!panic! Dude, he’s not gonna kill her!! C’mon Ronon! *Chris Tucker voice* You KNOW THIS MAN! But of course after weighing all the voices in his head, her command to kill her will stick. I luff this ship. Then again, this is Stargate so at the very last minute there’s a hitc... AND THERE IT IS!!!

Dude, diagnostics take too much time. That’s right John, go down fighting!!

Ou! Lizzie and all her supah!powahs!!! One brain probe, coming up! Nice. Don’t nobody say she wasn’t a quid pro quo kinda gal. *insert sounds* Negotiate the hell outta that one woman! Awesome. *sing* control, to get what I want, control, I got to have a lot, control, now I’m all grown up... Everybody freeze!!!!

Well, Cogsworth was never one to be hospitable to guests... *sing* Well I won't back down, No I won't back down, You can stand me up at the gates of hell, But I won't back down, No I'll stand my ground, won't be turned around, And I'll keep this world from draggin me down, gonna stand my ground... and I won't back down...

Never underestimate the power of the dark!side!!

Hehe, ‘WOAH THEY’RE MOVING AGAIN!’ Thank you Colonel Obvious! That sounded weird without the sound. *insert climactic music here* Clangy clangy Blade Trinity set.

JAIL! Do not pass Go! Do not collect 200 dollars! Go directly to JAIL! I’d go with ‘stupidly brave’ Cogsworth.

Seriously? ‘The Collective’??? You’re SO trying to be Borg. Hehe, ‘moribund’! Cogsworth gets the fifty-thousand points for that word. ‘Repair’ Yeah, Cogsworth is creepy robot dude with his cold, cold eyes.

Ou, mind!probe 2! Ew wait, what?!?!?!? WEIRD MORPHYNESS!!! AAAAAHHHH!! I mean I heard of one flesh but ew... oh hey, it’s alright it’s just Lizzie goofing off... Heh. Repliman, you are PWND! Don’t mess. Never underestimate the powah of Teh Awesome! So, why can’t the Idiots In Charge realise that??? :\

*sing* won’t be fooled again!! No nO!!! Uh, what’s with all the ripping off ‘homaging’ of the song titles… or is that just me? Great, now I’m thinking of the HoCaine and his Shades of Justice striking a pose on a dock in Miami. I hate that show.

Lizzie could SO play poker! *more soundy eefex* Peh-pew! Pew! Bam! BOOM! *uncloaky sound*

Dude, where’s Caldwell?!?!?!?!?!?! He SO would’ve found her amongst the replimens & womens! And I think I officially miss him cos I called him Caldwell, not Skinner. *sigh*

...And this is our phallic symbol returned to it’s natural state of mammography boob. Oh, and it’s October ladies, which means it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Go out and get your mammogram!!!!! And remember to check for lumps after every period. I’m serious on this one. *nod*

Aw, did Radek just say ‘ZedPM’ like Rodney? They’re SO married.

*sings* We did it we did it we did it yeah! *shify eyes* No, I did not just sing a Dora the Explorer song...

Gimble gimble shake!!! *sound eff-ex* BOOM! BOOM! I wanna be that guy on set that does that! *off screen read by our loverly 1st and or 2nd AD*

*new planet establishing shot*

Awwwww... Teyla... *teary* Right there? I would've turned around and hugged Ronon.

*wormhole whoosh!!!* *offscreen read*

The Wraith have their own planet??? How come we never seen that??? I hate that the beautiful baddies have been reduced to a footnote on this show... *sigh*

Awww, he luffs her. Of COURSE HE’LL FIND HER! He HAS TOO!!!! OMG!
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