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Holiday Pic!Spam

My Auntie's house where we stayed

The surrounding flora and accompanying weeds

Yeah, I know they're weeds, but dudes, we don't have THESE kinds of weeds in Hawaii... It reminded me of Mr. Toad and the Wind in the Willows and Sebastian singing 'Kiss the Girl'... sha la la la by oh my look like ya boy too shy ain't gonna kiss de girl, sha la la la la la ain't that sad too bad, you gonna miss de girl... What? Shut up, don't laugh, it's not like youse guyses don't have that song on your computer too! :p

The nearby abandoned wacky tabacky drying house... or HOOSE, as they say in the big VA.

...and it's surrounding forest beginning its detritus look.

A big red bull... wings not included.

Our DC day... didn't really get a chance to explore cos OMG! it took forever to get there and all the museums close at like 5 o'clock, so we only went to the Holocaust Museum and took a picture in front of the Dept of Treasury. I'm seriously thinking of planning a trip specifically for DC. Ah, my Mulder & Scully nostalgia hit HARD and then went: 'awww, and Bones too!' ...and fook me, that Washington Monument is EXTREMELY monumental. Ginormous.

BUSCH GARDENS!!!! The Griffon. This freaking coaster was flippin' crazy.

The Grey Wolves. Tala, something, and Willow. WILLOW!!! The last picture is not a sign of submission but rather that of ingratiating themselves to the pack leader. I love Wolves! Prolly why I can't really hate Jacob and his tribe from the Twilight series. *sigh*

A willow tree! My fave tree!!! And character and wolf and character. Paging Willow Rosenberg. Paging Catherine Willows... Yeah, I'm a dork. Sue me. :p

A ridiculously humongous horse named Wheeler. He's the lead Clydesdale for Anhauser Busch. They're my second favourite horse. The first being the Percheron.

*sing* Gooood morning BAAAAAALTIMOOOORE!!!!! We drove through FIVE states to get to Jersey. Oy! 6 1/2 hours in a car. Me no likey.

And some random tunnel we drove through to get there.

Overall it was a nice balanced vacation. Pretty much one day EXPLORING or driving, yech. The next day rest, sleep in, watch some movies, eat, sleep s'more etc etc etc. I kinda sorta fell in love with the easiness of the place. Virginia's nice. So yeah, next year? ALASKA!!! w00t! Then, I dunno, Ireland maybe? *shrug* Or Europe, cos I think I can do a train ride better than a car ride. *nod* So yeah... ou, or maybe Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!!!
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