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Holy shite! I got a nom for the SG Fan Awards?!?!?!?!?!?!?! OMG that's cool. Whoever did the nom, I thank you much. *bows*

Ou, and dudes Bones s2 on DVD for 22 bucks? Heck yes! I love my job... stoopid job makes me spend money on all the shiny pretty things there... I hate my job. I should just work on a barter system there. Time for goods. It's a fine example of the Native traditions.

And a lady pee'd in the store yesterday. Yeah.

And when is BSG s3 out??? I wants it. I wants it NOW!!! OMG! I'm jonesing for some serious sci-fi.

Great, now it's time for the laundering of cloths. Bah.
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