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ZOMG!SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! M'kay, just had to get that out. ZOMG! It's been so long! My flist!!!! *squishes*

In other news teh Foxfire still down. BAH! Mozilla my Godzilla. In cooler news my coworker at teh store has an LJ too! Sweet. Welcome kit_a_licious! In this journal you will find nothing but squee, ship, extremely bad spelling, the occasional list and well, inane short ramblings about said items.

You know how the troll lived under the bridge in the Three Billy Goats Gruff? Well, my boss lives in the store and instead of a bridge it's a cubby hole above the registers. Seriously. Anyway, we start talking about recent boxsets he's viewed and he just finished s2 of SGA.


So we start talking about how it was cool that there was that thing with the Wraith. I however bring up the fact that it'd be nice if there was MORE of them seeing as how they're supposed to be the Bad Mamma Jamma's of the Pegasus Galaxy. Under utilisation.

Boss: Coup D'Etat.

Me: Yeah, that was a good one.

Boss: You know they've had a lot of people from Star Trek on this show. Uh, um, Michael, he was that guy from Enterprise. Um, Colm Meany.

Me: Robert Picardo. The Doc on Voyager.

Boss: Yeah. Him too. Oh and that new guy they got, not that he was on Star Trek or anything, but he's cool.

Me: Ronon?

Boss: Yeah.

Me: There's a really cool ep for him in the third season.

Boss: Well, don't tell me about it! I don't wanna hear it.

Me: Anyway, it was cool.

Boss: Yeah?

Me: Yeah.

Boss: Like what?

Me: He goes back home. It's all movie explosions and stunts and stuff.

Boss: Oh yeah! The stunts are awesome. That one with the guy from Star Trek, Michael, that one where-

Me: Ronon throws him up and into the wall?

Boss: YEAH! That was awesome! And I thought you know it was cos he had a little crush on the girl, you know that girl...

Me: Teyla?

Boss: Yeah, but he did the same thing when he was with that really smart guy on the Wraith ship. He just hates them!

Me: Just kill 'em all!

Boss: Yeah. And that time they're in the ship and that really smart guy doesn't have anything to backup the files with or like an extra disc or a portable drive or something. You know they have access to all this really cool technological shit and the genius doesn't bring it! What is that?

Me: *LOL* Yeah, under utilisation once again. But you know what I don't like about the show is that the writers cater to either McKay or Sheppard. They never really flesh out the other characters. You know?

Boss: Yeah, yeah. Like that one with, oh, what's her name... Weir? From the first season.

Me: Yeah! So many places to go but no one follows up. They're so Plot. Story. Plot. Story.

Boss: With rarely any character points.

Me: And if they do it's only for McKay... or Sheppard, kinda.

Boss: Well, yeah they cater to their humour is for sure.

Me: It can get kinda boring.

Boss: Yeah, well, Stevens is kinda dry you know?

Me: Stevens?

Boss: Yeah, the main guy.

Me: Sheppard.

Boss: Yeah, he's real dry with the humour you know? And you know what else? There's NO romance on this show. I think if they had a little bit of romance I'd like it a little more. But yeah, no romance. What is up with that?

Me: I know right! Inside:SQUEE! He gets IT!

Boss: Like they try to make Stevens the player or something but he's not really you know? He's kinda like, I don't know, I don't see him really being with anyone.

Me: Teyla?

Boss: NO! Not her.

Me: What about her with McKay?

Boss: No, that'd be weird!

Me: C'mon! Beauty and the Geek! Taming of the Snark!

Boss: REALLY WEIRD! No, I don't see that. Or what's her face, Weir. Who would she be good with? Not Stevens.


Boss: I dunno... okay, maybe him.


Boss: Who else?

Me: Ronon?

Boss: Well, him with anybody really. You know what else, I'm sitting there watching and going, this was a movie!

Me: Yeah, hello! Deer Hunter anyone?

Boss: YEAH! I mean it's a good show but it'd be better if they came up with some original stuff. Not like radical but make it something different you know? But I like it. It's a good show.

Me: I think their writers rely a lot on conventional Star Trek rip-offs. Be original, you know?

Boss: Yeah, and they should go under water more. You know like that one where McKay got stuck in the jumper. I like that one. I thought it was cool. I mean it is called Atlantis. They should do more stuff with the sea, I mean they're fricken stuck in the middle of a damn ocean. Yeah. Anyway, I'm gonna be outside. Smoke a ciggarette.

Thus ended my night of boredom and laziness. Oh, and Kit built some kind of house for the little mice 'n men of the store. It's got decorations and everything.
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