Sunny (sunny_serenity) wrote,

Drabble: Corporeal

Title: Corporeal
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Summary: Uh... angst? Vague angst?
Disclaimer: Don't own it, except on DVD. Don't profit from it, except in the expansion of imagination.
A/N: Bah! Mozilla is still my Godzilla at the mo! But seriously? Being without the internet inspires FIC! I kid you not. I think it's mostly inspired by speckleberry's spark_daily. Cos I HAVE written one a day for the past THREE days. ZOMG! Just like, super slow with the postage. *glares at Firefox* x-posted to spark_daily & john_elizabeth

Scars evident; wounds invisible.

They are wordless exchanges initiated through brief glances.

Relief tangible; understanding received.

They are hasty encounters replacing long conversation.

Perhaps they are using each other. Neither complains nor expresses the concern.

Envy hidden; hurt displayed.

Violations have no bearing upon abstract commitment. Her warmth does not belong to him. His strength is not hers to claim. They must divide these qualities amongst others if continuance is to occur.

Allocation is the factor binding them. Reciprocated surrender gains a loyalty defined. Prohibitions solidify intimate knowledge. His scars a roadmap of bravery. Her curves his mooring at sea.
Tags: fic
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