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Help me, please????

I beg of those gifted with the computer speak and knowledge, how do I fix my Firefox Browser? I updated with that new shite and now NONE of it works. It did earlier, but then the bro wanted to use it and it crapped out on him and now I'm on IExplorer. GAH! Shoot me, shoot me now!!! Anyway none of the tabs will load, I get the 'Problem Loading Page' of DOOM!

I tried to do a System Restore. Not happening. Then I tried to undo the update by searching and I have NO IDEA what the previous version was numbered NOR where to find it. FRAK! I KNEW I shouldn't have updated this frakker! FRAK!

*iz frustrated*

To be fair the thingy warned me that the JavaScript something or other add-on was not available.

I will write you fic and/or do your homework as thanks. zomg!
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