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Drabble: Captive

Title: Captive
Rating: PG
Summary: Prisoner of war drabble
Disclaimer: Don’t own it, except on DVD. Don’t profit from it, except in the expansion of imagination.
A/N: I've been listening to an inordinate amount of Coheed & Cambria. I blame this on them... and insomnia... and pain... and the constant Sparky!eye!smexing... and those who throw others fandom!love to the wind. Rebel. Rebel. Damn the man! Save the Empress!


They tore her from their shared bunk during the darkest part of the night. His defences were down. He should’ve known better than to fall into habit. They observed to discover weakness.

Pinned to the wall he fought with feral madness. They hauled her backwards down the passageway.

“Don’t let them scare you!”

He saw the sleep wane from her eyes at his words. They steeled as she met his. The corners of his mouth tugged upward.

The words were for him. She knew how to survive.

He saw the mirror of his smile as she vanished around the corner.
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