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*breathes* *sadz*

Okay, so nevermind with the slooooooow net. I rebooted and all is right in the ethernet world... for now. I hope. Please don't crap out on me.

And OMG! I read two fics that depressed the HELL outta me. *emos* Please stop killing Elizabeth in your fiction people. It makes me sad. And just reminds me of the stupidity of the PTBs and how I hate them for making me love one of their creations to only have them BASH me over the head with said love and then fracture my heart that belongs to it and proceed to stab a thousand and one knives in every blessed piece and TWIST them ever so slightly by teasing me with the ambiguity of resolution. Please, don't do that anymore. The other fic was all angsty!John and omg! *emoz s'more* *joins major_zoidberg*

:( I need a hug. ;_;
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