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Title: Vacant
Rating: PG
Summary: Companion piece to Retreat
Disclaimer: Forged in the depths of Mordor... *ahem* I mean, not in my brain.
A/N: Most special thanks to alianne for her awesome languagey skillz. And since vickysg1 was very subtle in her request for a sequel I present to you:


“Sheppard?” Ronon called out.

There was no answer. He knocked louder.

“Sheppard? You up?”

“Maybe he went for a run,” Carson suggested.

“We usually do a few rounds before a meeting. He wouldn’t miss a meeting for a run.”

He knocked a third time. Atlantis walls were thick and solid. Fortunately years of being on the run gave the Satedan acute hearing. He pressed his ear to the door. No sounds of running water, so he wasn’t in the shower. There were no voices carrying, so Elizabeth hadn’t gotten there first to reprimand him for missing a pre-mission briefing. Ronon pounded the door to John’s quarters.

There was still no answer.

“Alright, that’s it. Carson, open the door.”

“Wait,” Carson floundered. “How do you know he’s not, busy… with, things?”

“She’s not in there.”

“How do you know?”

Ronon glared at the doctor.

“Okay, okay. I’ll open it.”

“Sheppard, we’re coming in,” the larger man warned.

Carson waved his hand in front of the Ancient lock. There was no movement. Confused he tried again. Reluctantly it opened to reveal chaos.

There was stillness inside.

Ronon approached the mess cautiously.

“It’s a bloody war zone in here,” the Scot mused aloud.

“Sheppard? You in here?”

“Watch out for the glass,” John warned from across the room.

He was blanketed in shadow, mostly dressed yet highly disheveled.

“Are you alright?” Carson inquired.

He didn’t respond.

“John?” Ronon had traversed the makeshift obstacle course first and laid a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “What happened?”

John handed over the piece of paper in his hand.

Finding a note in exchange for a warm body was never a good thing.

It read: ‘Forgive me. I love you. Bye.’

Ronon sighed heavily as he passed the paper to Carson.

“Oh son,” Carson sympathised. “There has to be a reason...”

“Carson,” Ronon warned with a shake of his head.

They sat in silence.

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