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Title: Retreat
Rating: Parental Guidance Suggested for Minors Under 13 due to an F-bomb.
Summary: A freaked out, cruel and unusual Elizabeth.
Disclaimer: This Universe belongs to: Not me.


She was leaving in the dark of night as he lay sleeping. It was cowardly, she knew and ironic, considering she was the advocate of communication. Elizabeth couldn’t stomach the look he would give her as she fled. There wasn’t a plan that included John Sheppard in her life and there certainly wasn’t an exit strategy like this on the board.

Maybe that’s what it was. None of this was according to plan. Losing herself in someone she wanted to spend the rest of her life with was supposed to be a good thing. It was that ‘once in a lifetime’, ‘swept off your feet’, ‘head over heels’ thing, which apparently made you a metaphor spewing poet. That wasn’t her.

Of course every girl had that fantasy of a Prince Charming drilled into their conscience with bedtime stories and teen movies. Apart from its entertainment value it was something she had never envisioned for herself. She had been too busy studying Mandela and Churchill and forming an adversity to the ideals of Stalin and Mussolini.

Maybe she was afraid he had discovered that about her and was okay with it. Maybe it was because he slipped into her life with utter flawlessness. Or, it could be that she hadn’t known she even needed someone to fill that kind of a role in her life until he did. Her life had been her work like it was for so many other women. And like other women it had taken her years of unacknowledged loneliness and the right man to take an interest to awaken that need.

So maybe that was why she had fucked his brains out earlier in lieu of conversation.

She slipped out of his life as unexpectedly as he slipped into hers.


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